Area Rug Cleaning Pueblo, CO

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You probably place your rugs in traffic areas in your home. Most homeowners do. Therefore, most area rugs receive a lot of foot traffic and other wear and tear. Even more so if children and pets live in your home. All this traffic can lead to rugs wearing down in a year or less. You don’t want to have to buy a new rug each year. Instead, give our area rug cleaning service a try!

Pueblo Carpet Cleaners method for rug cleaning and shampooing is similar to how we clean carpet. First, our technician inspects your rugs. This helps to determine the proper care. Then we vacuum the rug. Next, we use a hot-water extraction steam cleaning machine and 100% safe solutions to remove deep dirt under the surface. This dirt causes fade. Once it is gone, your rug will look like new again! Here’s what our service includes:

• Preliminary on-site inspection & evaluation
• Vacuum to remove loose, surface-level soil
• Application of all-natural cleaning products
• Hot-water extraction steam cleaning machine
• Gentle cleaning of fringe & loose strands
• Affordable prices & no hidden fees

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Let us clean the area rugs in your home today! We will restore their color and quality for an affordable price and extend their lifetime. There’s no need to buy new rugs after an appointment from Pueblo Carpet Cleaners. Here’s what past customers have said:

“I have had an heirloom rug  in need of cleaning for many years and now it looks brand new after calling Pueblo Carpet Cleaners. The technician arrived right on time. He was friendly too! I couldn’t be happier with the service.” – Heidi Lent, Pueblo, CO

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“Too often, prices for rug cleaning are outrageous. The price I was quoted over the phone seemed too good to be true. I was skeptical but agreed and I am glad I did. I will be calling again next year when my rug needs cleaning again.” – Elmer Ferris, Pueblo, CO

five stars

“These guys really are rug cleaning experts! All the stains are gone and the colors are brighter than I even remember. All I can say is “Wow!” – Tabitha Erin, Pueblo, CO


Q. Is Your Rug Cleaning Service On-Site?

A. Yes! Our technician is able to use the exact same methods and equipment from our steam cleaning service to deep clean area and Oriental rugs in your home. No need for pick-up or delivery.

Q. Do Rugs Dry Fast After Cleaning?

A. Yes! Rugs often dry even faster than carpet after cleaning. The typical amount of time it takes for an area rug to air dry is around 1-2 hours depending on humidity, soiling and the size of the rug.

Q. Can You Clean My Wool Rug?

A. We can! Pueblo Carpet Cleaners method of steam cleaning is WoolSafe® and recommended for wool rugs and carpet.

Q. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

A. Yes! We guarantee satisfaction to all of our customers. If there’s stain or dirt we feel we are unable to remove or a rug we cannot clean we will inform you prior to starting our service to ensure proper expectations are set.

Q. Can’t I Just Clean My Rugs on My Own?

A. Homeowners can perform minor spot treatment on area rugs and vacuum them but in order to remove the deeper dirt below the surface it is necessary to hire a local rug cleaner. If deep dirt is not removed over time, it wears down the rug fibers and materials and causes permanent damage.


Location: Pueblo, Colorado
Telephone: (719) 204-5787