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DD’s offers competitive prices for the “best carpet cleaning in Pueblo, Colorado”. Call the phone number below to receive a FREE estimate from one of our certified technicians or schedule an appointment today! Each appointment comes with an on-site consultation and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t settle for less than the best. Call DD’s ASAP!

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DD’s is the easy choice for carpet cleaning in Pueblo, CO. Other local companies and do-it-yourself methods can’t match our results. We’re sure of it. Because of that, we guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Our technicians deliver exceptional service at an affordable price. After the appointment, there are no traces of dirt, soil, soap or sticky residue. Just clean carpet that dries fast.

How? Because our steam cleaner and professional-grade products produce a powerful combination. It’s the reason manufacturers recommend steam cleaning. The process is effective and gentle. Our service includes:

• Hot-water extraction system to eliminate dirt
• Lab-tested products safe for your home
• Trained technicians able to answer all questions
• Competitive prices for an amazing value
• Multiple years in the business – “We’ve seen it all!”
• Flexible appointments to meet your schedule

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Pueblo residents trust and love DD’s! They really do. Just read our reviews below:

“This is the company I always call when it’s time for carpet cleaning in my home. I’m never disappointed.” Sandy J., Pueblo, CO

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“Great service from a local company! I recommend DD’s carpet cleaning to all of my friends and family!” Jim C., Pueblo, CO

five stars

“The technician did a wonderful job of explaining their process and was able to remove two large coffee stains from our carpet.”Muhammad L., Pueblo, CO


Q. What is the Best Way to Clean Carpet?

A. We feel steam cleaning is the best method of carpet cleaning. Manufacturers agree. The hot-water extraction process is very powerful and doesn’t saturate fibers. Our solutions go deep to remove dirt and soil far below the surface. Removing deep dirt extends the lifetime of the floor.

Q. Do I Need to Vacuum Before Your Service?

A. There is no need to vacuum immediately before we arrive. Our technician vacuums as part of our service. However, we do recommend routine vacuuming multiple times each week. It is one of the most important things you can do to care for your floor.

Q. Does Steam Cleaning Take a Long Time?

A. Our service is very efficient. First, we assess the current condition. Then we determine the proper care before we clean. Depending on the total square feet we clean, the entire process requires no more than 1-2 hours.

Q. Does Your Company Move Furniture?

A. We are happy to move most furniture in your home. We will move couches, recliners, coffee tables, dining room chairs and similar sized items. Then, we place plastic or styrofoam under the legs after we return the furniture to its spot so the wood doesn’t contact the damp surface.

Q. How Long Will My Floor Be Wet?

A. Factors like indoor humidity and outdoor weather can impact drying times. However, if there are no unforeseen issues, your floor will be dry in only a couple of hours after an appointment.


facts vs myths
Let’s clear up some common misconceptions about steam cleaners:


One of our favorite myths about shampooing carpet is that if done too often it will ruin it. That is not the truth. Dirt ruins and wears down fibers. You need to remove dirt in order to preserve it and the best way to do so is to hire a steam cleaner.


Your carpet won’t be wet for 24 hours or more after steam cleaning. Sometimes it is wet for a few hours after an appointment if a home is humid but most of the time it is just slightly damp for a very short amount of time.


Because there are no visible stains on the surface does not mean your carpet is clean. You should hire us for stain removal when spills do occur and schedule routine cleaning each year regardless. Dirt builds up beneath the surface before it appears. This deep dirt grinds into fibers and wears down the pad. It needs to be removed every 12 months whether stains are visible or not.


Cheaper is not better when it comes to hiring a home service. You get what you pay for. Research and hire a service that is certified. Find a local company with several years of experience and quality customer reviews.


There are several articles online indicating DIY methods are just as good as hiring a professional. Do not believe it. There is a lot that can go wrong if you attempt steam cleaning on your own. Trust a local service instead.

We hope this helps disprove common misconceptions about the importance of carpet cleaning. For more questions, please give call the number below:


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