Popular Flooring in 2018


Here at DD’s, we specialize in carpet cleaning. But we still know a lot about other types of residential flooring. Learn some of the latest trends and styles of flooring in our blog below:

flooring trends

The floor is an important part of any home remodel or renovation. Flooring is an investment, so you want to be sure to make the right decision. And in case you are all about modern decor, you might also want to check out the most recent trends in flooring.


First of all, green materials are in great favor in 2018. That accounts for cork, bamboo, as well as concrete and stone.

Cork and bamboo are both very light, durable and easy-to-clean flooring options. Cork especially is very affordable, offers an interesting and unique pattern that will go well for wider spaces.

Bamboo, on the other hand, resembles wood a lot while being highly renewable and affordable. It allows for a variety of colors, only make sure to purchase it from manufacturers with good reviews.

Concrete and stone might seem like a strange flooring to have. However, they are both very durable and easy-to-clean options that will make a wonderful flooring if polished well.

In 2018, parquet floors are trending as well. Parquet is basically a geometric pattern made out of solid wood pieces. It draws attention to the richness and color of the wood and instantly makes the place look fancier and more polished. This kind of floors don’t need rugs or carpets, they are beautiful as is.

Distressed flooring is another big trend in 2018. This kind of flooring goes through artificial aging, which gives it a worn look. This kind of floor doesn’t need any carpets or rugs either. They will be perfect for a rustic look ina cabin, a hunting lodge, or a comfortable living room with a fireplace and leather armchairs.

Hardwood floors with varying widths have also become popular in 2018. This type of flooring does have a very unique and interesting look and will be suitable for any room and design. However, it does require extra installation time and investment, so be ready for the commitment if you have chosen this style.

Gray and bleached wood tiles have also been in trend lately. They give a very clean, modern look to the room, which will be perfect for a small and cozy room that needs to be brightened up. They do lack the warm natural wood color, so keep that in mind.

Last but not least, porcelain tiles have made their way back to being trendy again. They are designed to mimic natural wood grains and texture, too. So porcelain tires will be a great option for you if you are all about having hardwood floors in the bathroom or kitchen, but are afraid of the material soaking up the moisture.

They will give you the look and texture of real wood while being humidity and stain-resistant. Porcelain tiles can resemble any kinds of wood in terms of texture and color, so take this option into consideration.

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