5 Questions for Carpet Cleaners


You want to be sure to hire the right carpet cleaning company in Pueblo. To do that, you will need to ask a few questions first. Here are five questions for carpet cleaners to answer before you decide to hire them or not:

overhead view of carpet cleaning

Stepping on a clean and well-maintained carpet is a great feeling. That is why we need the help of professional carpet cleaners from time to time.

It is quite reasonable to have questions about how they do their job and to put some of your fears to rest.

These are five questions you should ask professional carpet cleaners before you give them the job.

What are the advantages of hiring you over renting a machine?

You might be torn between hiring professional carpet cleaners and renting a steam cleaning machine so you can clean the carpet yourself. It is true that you will spend less when you hire a machine.

However, there is a considerable difference in the final results you’ll get. Carpet cleaners will come with truck-mounted equipment which is superior to what you’ll rent. The machine has a higher suction power, and it will clean your carpet thoroughly compared to using a rented machine.

The professionals know how to use the carpet cleaning equipment, and so they will not damage your carpet in the process or leave it too damp. These companies have a satisfaction guarantee, and they are sure to fix a mistake if it happens.

You will realize that hiring professional carpet cleaners will save you money in the long run because you may have to call them after your rented machine has failed to give you the results you wanted.

If you go for a carpet cleaning company, then you will save the money you would have used on renting a machine. The professionals use hot water extraction method to clean your carpet and so it will dry faster.

Carpet cleaners will see issues with your carpet such as spills that you didn’t notice, and they will fix them.

Can you provide references from your past clients?

If a carpet cleaning company does excellent work, then there will be people who can attest to that. It is reassuring to hear other people say they were satisfied with the services that a carpet cleaning company delivered. You can find reviews of DD’s throughout our website.

Do you provide written estimates?

It is better to be safe than sorry. That is why you need a written estimate from a carpet cleaning companies. Some companies use lower prices to lure customers, and once they come to your home, they start increasing the rates and telling you about some hidden costs they never mentioned before. It would be difficult for a company to inflate the prices if they had given you a written estimate.

After how long will my carpet be dry?

Most carpet owners usually have this question at the back of their minds. The duration your carpet will take to dry depends on some factors. One of the elements is the type of equipment used to clean the carpet.

For example, your carpet can be dry within one or two hours if the hot water extraction method is used. The humidity of your home also determines how quick the carpet will dry. Carpets take longer to dry in very humid dwellings.

Take comfort in knowing that your carpet will be relatively dry by the time carpet cleaners leave your home.

Are you employees certified and insured?

The purpose of hiring carpet cleaners is to get professionals who know what they are doing. Therefore, ensure that you choose a company whose technicians are both certified and insured. They should be able to provide you with insurance proof and any accreditation you need.