Why Dust Mites Love Carpet


Below you will learn how dust mites are a very common pest in most homes. These little pests often live in dark and humid locations, including bed sheets and carpet. Find out why dust mites love carpet and how professional carpet cleaning can eliminate them for good:

dust mite

Dust mites are the name given to microscopic bugs that are found in homes, and they depend on human and animal dead skin cells for their survival. You have probably heard that dust mites cause allergy and that is why people are scared of them. Learn more from the AAFA.

Dust mites do not cause direct harm to humans or carry diseases. What they do is leave behind their feces and body fragments which cause one to have allergic reactions when in contact with them. One of the most common areas where dust mites live is carpets. Studies suggest that one square yard of carpet can house about 100, 000 dust mites. Now consider how large your carpet is and how many mites might be living in. Scary, right?

Human beings shed off skin daily. People replace the entire skin on their bodies after every four to five weeks. Research shows that a human being sheds off nearly 10 grams of dead skin every week. This is a considerable amount of dead skin floating around. Some of it goes to the carpet. This is the food that dust mites eat. Therefore, they will follow it to the carpet. The fact that the dead skin is in plenty means that dust mites will have a lot to eat and reproduce other dust mites. Before you know it, you will be dealing with an infestation.

If you have pets, then you increase the chances of your carpet being invaded by dust mites. Dander is the collective name given to scales and skin cells. If you thought that humans shed off too much dead skin, you would be surprised to hear that cats and dogs shed off more. Pets like to play or relax on the carpet, and they leave dander on it. When that is combined with the human dander, it makes it a perfect breeding place for dust mites.

Dust mites also thrive in a warm, somewhat damp, and with little or no light. A carpet provides these conditions. The fact that the carpet also has the human skin they need for survival is a plus. Therefore, these microscopic creatures get a perfect home.

People usually install carpets in rooms where people spend a lot of time. Examples of these rooms are playrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. The process of shedding off one’s skin goes on all day. That means that the longer you and your family members stay in a room, you leave behind plenty of dead skin.

The dead skin falls on the carpet, and some of it rests on other surfaces such as furniture. When the air is disturbed, the skin cells fly around and land on the carpet. It is therefore natural for dust mites to make carpets their home because they are sure of getting their food in it.

The best way of getting rid of avoiding and getting rid of dust mites is by regularly vacuuming your carpet correctly. Make sure to open the windows so the dust can fly outside. Better still, call (719) 204-578 for professional carpet cleaning from DD’s. Learn more here.