What is Steam Cleaning?


You may have heard people mention steam cleaning and you are wondering what the fuss is about. Steam cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning that can be used at home and in commercial places. It involves using hot water to clean carpet in homes and businesses. DD’s performs steam cleaning for our service.

steam cleaning building

Steam cleaning, as the name suggests, involves turning ordinary water into steam and using it in high pressure to clean. Steam and pressure are the main components here. The water comes out of a machine under high pressure and penetrates deep into surfaces, therefore, getting rid of dirt, grime, and bacteria that may be stuck in the surface.

If you had used harsh or inferior chemicals to clean and some of it remained in your home, you can get rid of them through steam cleaning. The machine that performs the cleaning action is known as a steam cleaner.

You can use the steam cleaning on fabrics too because it is natural and does not contain any chemicals. It will help to remove heavy stains, dirt that is stuck in the fabric, molds and mildew and grease that may be on the fabric. The high pressure in which it operates helps even to get rid of bedbugs. If you want to clean an item thoroughly, then steam cleaning is the way to go.

Steam cleaning is a very efficient method of cleaning. Let’s take an example of industrial steam generators. Those machines can clean all the floors of a warehouse in no time.

If you hire carpet cleaners to clean your carpet or house using steam steaming, you’ll be surprised at how fast they’ll do it. An average of 3 hours will be enough depending on other factors such as the amount of furniture you have in your home and how big your house is. If you decide to use using the ordinary method, you can even take an entire day.

Imagine getting the mop, gathering your cleaning solutions, running the water and other processes. Steam cleaning is simpler. You just need water in the machine, and it will come out as steam.

There are two types of steam cleaning machines. The first one is the cool steam cleaning machine. This machine does not boil the water, but steam comes out. The steam from this method has more water. The second machine is the dry steam cleaning machine.

This machine uses boiling water to create steam. However, this steam has less water. The upside is that it is extremely hot. Both machines are upright or handheld. The two types of steam cleaning machines are great but dry steam cleaners do a better job. Upright machines are more powerful than the handheld ones.

The handheld machines require refilling more times compared to the upright ones. As long as you have water, you can refill it. Another reason people prefer handheld ones is the fact that they cost less compared to the upright machines and they are also cordless.

It is essential to know the items you should and shouldn’t steam clean. You can steam clean the majority of household surfaces. However, you should look at the material and ask yourself if you should use direct water and heat on it.

It is advisable to steam clean a small area as a way of testing how the surface will react to steam cleaning. You can steam clean mattresses, carpets, upholstered furniture and curtains. Steam cleaning will get rid of stains on these items and kill any dust mites present. Don’t let the machine stay in one location too much to avoid soaking the fabric.

If you are cleaning carpets, then you need a carpet cleaning machine that uses steam. The steam cleaner you have should only be for performing spot cleaning on the carpet. The steam and high pressure will kill any germs, fungus, and molds present. However, we do not recommend DIY carpet cleaning. Instead, give DD’s Pueblo Carpet Cleaners a call. Learn more about our services here.