Pueblo, Colorado

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Pueblo is a city located in Colorado United States. Pueblo was given the name ‘Steel City’ because it manufactures the largest amount of steel in America. The city is rich in arts and culture. The residents of Pueblo enjoy four different seasons. If you like the sunny weather then you will have a greater time here because the area has around 300 days of sunshine annually. The best part about it is that the sunshine is not accompanied by too much heat which is typical in regions that experience desert climates. Also, the cold seasons are not extremely cold as is the case with regions that are elevated.

Pueblo City was originally called Fort Pueblo. This was back in 1842. Fort Pueblo had four different towns: Pueblo, Bessemer, Central and South Pueblo. All of them were combined to form the present Pueblo city.  The area around Fountain Greek and Arkansas River had a favourable climate which attracted Native American settlers. The place had a warm winter climate. Besides that, it had a port. A place called El Pueblo was home to people from New Mexico and Anglos. On Christmas Day of 1854, the Ute Indians attacked the people living there and massacred around 54 of them. After that, the number of people in the area reduced for a while. Later on, more settlers continued to arrive, drawn by the advantages of being situated near two rivers.

Pueblo was made a town in 1870 and was recorded in Colorado. The 1950s was the time that Pueblo flourished. Many new schools came up and replaced the old ones. Modern buildings were set up. Almost all the residents of Pueblo had automobiles which they used to move to other places. The Urban Renewal Authority thought of knocking down the buildings on downtown and Union Avenue because they were neglected. The people refused and in the early 1980s, the Pueblo Mall was established. This was followed by a number of taverns and within no time, Pueblo had the highest number of bars in Colorado. People went to the taverns to socialize, to store their money and for various other reasons.

The population of Pueblo is at 106, 595. Out of this figure, 54, 545 are female and 52, 050 are male. The white people make up 75% of the total population. 49% of the people in Pueblo Colorado are Latino, 2% are African-America, Asians are below 1%, 2% are American Indian, 4% of them are a combination of more than one race and 15% belong to other races. The median age of the residents of Pueblo is 37. The average household in Pueblo has two people.

Pueblo is an ideal place to live because the cost of the residential real estate is lower than all the cities found in Colorado. 86 of the homes in Pueblo go for less than $200, 000. In 2013, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) named among the best places in America that one can reside in. In 2014, the Cost of living Index named Pueblo the sixth most affordable region to reside in.

Pueblo has numerous attractions that one can explore. It has several parks which both residents and visitors enjoy. An example is the Pueblo City Park where the Pueblo Zoo is located. This zoo has over 400 species of animals and birds and some of them include penguins and lions. Another park you can visit is the Lake Pueblo State Park which has a variety of activities you can engage in. For example, you can hike, fish for fun, swim, even camp there or enjoy various water sports.

The Colorado State Fair is something you cannot afford to miss if you happen to be in Pueblo at the end of August or beginning of September. This is an annual affair that attracts approximately half-a-million people, and it goes on for two weeks. Some of the activities that are part of the Fair include livestock shows, carnivals. Besides that, everyone gets to eat the prized green chile that is grown in the area. This is one of the reasons that Pueblo is regarded as the leading food city in the entire area of Colorado.

More than 100,000 go to the city of Pueblo every year to attend the Chile and Frijoles Festival. The eastern part of Pueblo has some of the best lands in Colorado that are suitable for agriculture. These lands led to the creation of the three farmers markets that Pueblo has. The markets are worth visiting if you want some fresh produce. If you are a business person then Pueblo can be a great place to live in because small businesses thrive there. An example of a business that has achieved global recognition is the Solar Roast Coffee.

The community also supports the growth of creative arts. There are several galleries in the area. An example is the Colorado State University-Pueblo Fine Art Gallery which displays different works of art. These exhibitions have cultural and educational significance. The gallery holds annual events attended by scholars and historians. It is a great place for students to learn not only the history and culture of their place but also how exhibitions operate. Besides that, the students earn credit for their internship at the gallery.

Another museum is the El Pueblo History Museum. This museum takes one back to the history of Pueblo. It also celebrates its different cultures and ethnicities. If you love culture then you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this museum. The museum has a display of where the initial 1842 trading post. Also, it endeavours to add more exhibitions to ensure that visitors always have something new to see whenever they visit. If you love arts then you will get the chance to see various objects and art pieces that were present during the early periods up to the 20th century.

When you visit Pueblo, you will like being in a small town but also enjoy the amenities associated with a large city. The place has re-invented itself to the extent that it serves the people of Southern Colorado as a commercial centre.