Carpet Stain Removal Service

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You know all too well that spills and stains on carpet are inevitable. Common types of stains include food, liquids, mud, nail polish, pet urine stains and more. Be careful attempting to remove these stains on your own. You can try warm water on a damp cloth. If that doesn’t work, we recommend hiring a carpet cleaning company in Pueblo for their stain removal service.

You see, more often than not, retail cleaning products and chemicals will make a stain even worse and sometimes permanent. That won’t happen with  Pueblo Carpet Cleaners. Our technicians have seen almost every spill and spot imaginable. We know exactly what is needed to remove each type of stain from carpet.

First, we inspect the stain as well as the carpet materials. This helps us determine the proper care and process before we start. Then, our technician applies the necessary solutions to remove the exact type of stain before he operates our steam cleaning machine to extract the solution, stain and surrounding dirt from the carpet.

Our stain removal process is excellent for common household spills and even more complicated types of spills and stains. These include red wine, ink, permanent marker, crayon and blood. We can clean them all!

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Please believe us when we say DIY stain removal is risky. There have been so many times we would have been able to remove a stain but a customer used a cleaning product that caused the stain to set in and there was nothing we could do. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are reviews from past customers that made the right choice:

“One night, a dinner guest spilled his wine on the floor. The first thing I did was place a damp cloth over the stain then called Pueblo Carpet Cleaners the next morning. They were able to come the same day and remove the wine stain right away. I know who to call when I have carpet stains!” – Pamela Olson, Pueblo, CO

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“After a wet winter in Colorado, there were several mud stains on the carpet near our entryway. Pueblo Carpet Cleaners knew just what to do! During a steam cleaning appointment, the cleaner removed each stain and even cleaned the rug near the door too! Such great service!” – Becky Foster, Pueblo, CO

five stars

“I’m a mother of five boys so I have seen my share of carpet stains. So has Pueblo Carpet Cleaners. Every time I call them they know just what to do to clean remove a spill. They’ve saved me thousands of dollars on new rugs and carpet over the years!” – Wendy Davis, Pueblo, CO



Don’t try to use soap or chemicals to clean a carpet stain. The first thing to do is dampen a white cloth with warm water and use it to soak up the stain. Chemicals cause unforeseen reactions with different materials and contents of a stain. It’s best to avoid them.


Blot the stain with the damp cloth. Do not scrub it. Scrubbing the stain will wear down the carpet fibers. This will lead to the stain setting into the word down strands of carpet and can cause permanent discoloration.


Start at the outside of the stain and work toward inside. If you start in the middle, it can lead to pushing the liquid out further and cause the spill to spread. Dab around the corners and work inward.

If water alone does not remove the stain, stop and call Pueblo Carpet Cleaners. We can’t stress this enough. Stains are easy for us. Don’t let them ruin your home’s carpet.


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