Pet Urine Stain Treatment

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Pet owners know “accidents” happen indoors all the time. This is even more true if training a new puppy or kitten or living with an older dog. Dealing with pet urine stains is unavoidable. But be careful not to attempt to clean cat or dog urine on carpet on your own.

Why? Because pet urine is highly acidic and corrosive. Typical cleaning products are not able to remove it from carpet. Instead, most products just conceal the odor. This leads to the stain crystalizing and urine spreading beneath the surface. Sometimes even into the subfloor. Even worse, your pet can still smell the urine and will continue to pee their if the source is not gone. This only compounds the problem.

You can’t conceal pet urine odors and stains. They must be removed. That’s where Pueblo Carpet Cleaners comes in! In addition to our standard stain removal service, we offer a specialty service to eliminate harmful pet urine smells and stains from the carpet in your home.

The service is great for furniture and rugs too! Our technician first applies our special solution to the surface, then performs steam cleaning to extract the urine, solutions and surrounding dirt. The service features:

• Blacklight analysis to locate urine stains
• Innovative cleaning formula for pet urine
• Hot water extraction & steam cleaning machine
• Permanent odor removal from carpet 
• Trained technician with years of experience
• Your satisfaction guaranteed!

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Don’t let pet stains become permanent! Call the professionals at Pueblo Carpet Cleaners. We can remove the odor and the urine ASAP and preserve your floor. No need for new carpet or rugs. Just one phone call is all. Here’s what satisfied customers have to say:

“Our black labrador pees on our bedroom carpet every time there is a thunderstorm. We feel so bad for him! The good news is, Pueblo Carpet Cleaners removes the stain and odor every time. But, hopefully it doesn’t thunder again anytime soon!” – Gloria Welch, Pueblo, CO

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“Training our new puppy is going very slow. That means a lot of pet pee on our rug! Pueblo Carpet Cleaners arrived on time and within just a couple of hours the urine and the odor was gone. Definitely recommend for pet owners.” – Stacey Gilbert, Pueblo, CO

five stars

“During a steam cleaning appointment, the cleaner performed a special  service on some cat pee stains in the corner of our basement. Now, there is no more urine smell and our carpet is fresh and clean. Wonderful experience!” – Randall Stephens, Pueblo, CO


Q. Why Are Pet Urine Stains Serious?

A. Urine is very acidic. It becomes corrosive and can damage carpet, carpet pads and flooring beneath. The odor also encourages pets to continue urinating in the same spot over and over which saturates the area and increases the issue.

Q. Do You Have Any DIY Pet Urine Removal Tips?

A. We do not recommend trying to clean dog or cat pee stains on carpet. The stains can cause serious damage and it is hard to find and remove all traces without a blacklight and hot water extraction.

Q. Are Your Products Safe for Pets?

A. Yes! We use all-natural solutions approved by the FDA. Their contents are safe for children, pets and everyone in your home.

Q. What Type of Carpet is Best for Pets?

A. We recommend nylon carpet for homes with pets. Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is very durable. It will withstand both stains and traffic from dogs and cats.

Q. Why Do You Need a Blacklight for Your Service?

A. A blacklight is able to identify traces of urine we can’t see on the surface. It is very important that we remove 100% of the urine from your carpet in order to prevent corrosion and pets from continuing to urinate in that location.


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