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Furniture endures endless wear and tear in a home. It doubles as décor and seating. Children jump on it. Pets sleep on it. You spend hours on it every day. All this use leads to fade and dirt build-up. Professional upholstery cleaning can restore color and comfort to the furniture in your home. Find out how!

Pueblo Carpet Cleaners provides deep cleaning for furniture, cushions and upholstery fabrics. We use safe solutions and steam cleaning to extract pet hair, dirt, stains and allergens from dirty furniture. The powerful suction from our equipment removes almost all traces of moisture and residue so the service lasts and stains don’t reappear.

Our methods for cleaning furniture mirror our steam cleaning process for carpet. And, of course, the results are equally excellent. The service features:

• Evaluation to determine proper care for success
• Vacuum to remove loose soil from surface
• Professional solutions & formulas for a safe clean
• Hot-water extraction steam cleaning equipment
• Experienced & certified cleaning technicians
• Affordable prices & guaranteed satisfaction!

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Are your couches, sofas, chairs and recliners overdue for deep cleaning? Pueblo Carpet Cleaners is ready to help you! Schedule an appointment today for superior upholstery cleaning in Pueblo, Colorado and join our growing list of satisfied customers:

“I was about to purchase a new living room furniture set but first I decided to call Pueblo Carpet Cleaners to see if their service could salvage my current couch and love seat. Wow! I’m so happy I did. They saved me hundreds of dollars and the furniture looks almost as good as new.” – Stacey Gallo, Pueblo, CO

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“Great service! Great results! I can’t believe how amazing my couch looked after an appointment from Pueblo Carpet Cleaners. Alfred, the owner, cleaned my couch himself. He was very knowledgable and friendly too.” – Sarah Sanders, Pueblo, CO

five stars

“Don’t buy new furniture before you give these guys a try! You won’t be disappointed.” – Eric Almora, Pueblo, CO


Q. When Should I Schedule Upholstery Cleaning?

A. We recommend scheduling an appointment to clean your furniture once every 12-16 months if there are no major stains or serious signs of wear. You can add several years to the lifetime of a couch or recliner with routine deep cleaning.

Q. Is StainGuard Included in Your Service?

A. We offer our own stain protectant solution for an additional charge. We recommend including it in your service. A manufacturer stain guard only lasts the first year after the furniture is made. You will want a new application each year to help prevent permanent stains.

Q. How Long Until My Furniture is Dry?

A. Not long at all. Most of the time, furniture is dry within 6-12 hours after our service. We do not recommend sitting on it or letting your pets on it until it is totally dry.

Q. Does Your Service Work for “Dry Clean Only” Furniture?

A. Yes! This type of furniture requires cleaning from a professional. Don’t use your own products or upholstery cleaning machine or damage could occur.

Q. Can You Clean the Pet Stains on My Couch?

A. Our basic upholstery cleaning service does not cover pet urine stains. These stains require a specialty service we offer. Find more details here.


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